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  1. fred schwieger

    on feb 12 2013 my bluffton alberta farm well water went crapy. on feb 11 2013 encanas seismic program set of there charges. SRD did many tests to try and show EnCana did not do this. after passing the tests SRD agreed with EnCana that the environment changed naturally and it happened by chance to show up the day after they blasted. I have a chemistry done in 2006 and that compared to now says there is a good sized change in my water. but they figure the chemistry is to old. so my wife and I looked thru photos of our five children and found pics of newborn kids in the tub. but the powers to be say that’s is not scientific enough and don’t want to include the pics. i have started a list of people Canada and usa wide of unresolved oil/gas issues. contact me if you or someone you know should be on that list. i plan to go public with the list after its grown large enough to affect change. and only with those that are willing to go public. look me up on youtube or just look up fred schwieger on youtube. thank you

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