Cecil Lewis lived on a farm west of Athabasca where the groundwater has been polluted, quite possibly by a nearby disposal well. Regulating bodies have ignored the issue and have failed to provide sufficient answers to Cecil and her late husband Bentley.

Bruce Jackson is Cecil's pastor in Athabasca and is also a member of Keepers of the Athabasca.

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  1. fred schwieger

    i am saddened to hear of the issues around Athabasca. i have started a list of unresolved oil/gas issues in Canada and the Usa and the stories break my hart, the needless environmental damage caused for cash. on feb 12 2013 my bluffton ab farm well went for crap and on feb 11 2013 EnCanas seismic crew set off there charges. this has caused hell for my wife and i and five young kids. it is time for change. if you have advise or can add to my list of people, we would love to hear from all involved. when the time comes i will take this list with each individuals permission public world wide. these companies run pushing fear and confusion. and we are all blessed with a God that is by faith and simplicity. i am not trying to end oil/gas but maybe its time for honesty. look up my youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIsQ802TQu0 or just look up fred Schwieger on youtube thank you

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