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  1. Nicole

    I am incredibly impressed with the Hawkwoods for coming forward and speaking out about this issue. And film is a great medium for sharing their experience. Very happy to see this issue getting more attention.

  2. Cathy

    I will be sharing this with over 1000 contacts on my facebook. Very disturbing and frustrating circumstances.
    Ominous future if intervention is delayed

  3. Jan

    This is the most convincing and disturbing article I have read on the effects of fracking on our environment. Well done! Thank goodness for people like the Hawkwoods for taking a strong stand and I hope that their voices will make a difference.

  4. Natrlyst

    This is a good series so far. Please try to find someone who has actual evidence of contaminants of concern. There is a lot of finger pointing and discussion of phantom chemicals but to date no evidence brought forward. Unfortunately a landowner saying so isn’t evidence enough for the problem to be addressed. Additionally, the regulators and oil company do care but receive so many bogus complaints that legitimate complaints get lost in the muck. Keep up the great interviews.

  5. fred schwieger

    on feb 11 2013 encanas seismic program set of there charges and on feb 12 2013 my farm well water went to crap. I am putting together a list of people with unresolved oil and gas issues. please watch my youtube and send me all that you are willing. we have strength with numbers and trust me we have the numbers. this is my link or just lookup fred Schwieger on youtube thank you.

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