Kim Mildenstein and her family now live along the Little Red Deer River just West of Olds, Alberta. However, it was not an easy move from their previous home across the bridge and just a few miles away. When fracking technology and horizontal drilling suddenly opened the way for the production of crude oil from the Cardium play more than 3000m below, there was an influx of development that continues today. Dozens of well pads went up around the Mildensteins' home, hundreds of frack trucks made the roads unsafe to drive, and noise violations kept the household awake consistently for four months. Neighbours experienced the same struggles, some also with stories of methane in their drinking water, and others with dry water wells altogether. Unfortunately, Kim was left to address her concerns alone, and in the end, the Mildenstein family had little choice but to find a new home. The mother of three kids, Kim is hopeful that the people of Alberta will relate to her story and make efforts to build healthy communities and better steward the environment.

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