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AlbertaVoices invites the press to publish any of our content.* Please use our resources directly or as references. We ask that be credited or referenced as appropriate. Notification of publishing is appreciated.

*For content published on the YourVoice Blog, please inquire prior to publishing. Our contributors must first be consulted.



Hydraulic fracturing and other oil and gas issues.

We hope to give voice to those whose troubling experiences with hydraulic fracturing and associated activities may not have not been considered in Alberta’s discussion of oil and gas development. By making these voices heard through film, we hope to help facilitate informed and thoughtful discourse so Albertans can make wise decisions about the future of our province.

We have met with and filmed Albertans in various parts of the province. Many of their stories are already shared on our website.

A film series will be released this fall. With each story, we will send out a press release. If this is of interest, please contact us for further information.

Hans Asfeldt               (video journalist)
Alison Bortolon          (video journalist)
Rajan Rathnavalu      (mentor and logistics coordinator)
Dittmar Mündel         (mentor and logistics coordinator)

AlbertaVoices began its online presence in May 2013.

In November, 2012, the founders of AlbertaVoices hosted a conference called Responsibility for the Land: Conversations on Fracking in Alberta. This project arose from a broad range of research and discussion in conjunction with the conference. For more on the conference, visit

AlbertaVoices is funded by private donors and by the Chester Ronning Centre (Augustana – U of A).

Based in:
Camrose, AB

Please e-mail for phone number.

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    • Hans Asfeldt

      Hi Karen,

      AlbertaVoices is 75% funded by private individual donors from Camrose who support our work. Parts of these donations are processed by the Chester Ronning Centre for the study of Religion and Public Life (U of A – Augustana). The Ronning Centre itself is responsible for the remaining 25% of our funding. Six months into the project, with the exception of honorariums (which constitute the primary cost of the project), total expenses have been kept well under $1000 with a heavy dependency on in-kind support.

      We are currently looking to expand the project and the team and are seeking donations.

      The AlbertaVoices Team

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